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So Just Why You Must Rent a Photo Booth for Birthday Celebrations-Photo Booth Rental Fayetteville

So Just Why You Must Rent a Photo Booth for Birthday Celebrations

Birthday party preparation may possibly be an incredibly cumbersome process even more so if the event is going to huge. Of course, there are plenty of items to organize and it might be impossible to plan without a checklist. Event planning can demand imaginative strategies for the parties to become perfect.

You can take advantage of motifs as well as various other details to make the event much more interesting like photo booths and activities. Having a photo booth is definitely always a great way to help make an event perhaps even better. Be it a birthday celebration, wedding or some other event, photo booths are always perfect.

What follows are normally some factors why you should rent out a photo booth when it comes to birthday parties.


Photo Booths Encourage Interaction and Communication Among Guests

A birthday party is a gathering and an event for people to have a great time. Generally, there are plenty of recommendations in making an event very extraordinary, one is simply to rent an excellent photo booth. A photo booth encourages interaction between visitors and this allows them to have a great time with one another even if it may be the first chance that they have probably ever met.


Photo Booths Can Certainly Suit Pretty Much Any Theme

Birthday parties typically incorporate a concept in order to go with the event. Planners do not need to feel uneasy any longer regarding renting a photo booth because a photo booth could go along with pretty much any concept. This is yet another perk of having a photo booth. Regardless if it is for children or an adult, photo booth package deals are simply often appropriate for any type of event.


Photo Booths Makes Any Event Memorable

Visitors will be able to get printable copies of their photos immediately, allowing them to feature a tangible memory off the event. Photo booths could make a gathering remarkable by having the printed pictures and the excitement they experienced during the gathering.


Fun Is on the Menu

Searching for a little something outside party hats, ice cream, and blowing out candles? Get hold of your guests’ interest along with our party props and a photo booth from Photo Booth Rental Fayetteville.

We’ve made sure that our team searched all over for among the most imaginative details to carry with us to your birthday celebration, and we see to it almost everyone is going to love. Have a specific theme you really want to feature based on the birthday boy or girl? Simply just tell us what exactly you think about, and we’ll make it happen.

When we collaborate with you to plan your birthday photo booth rental, regardless of whether it’s three, four, or five hours long, our team’ll do our absolute best to suit it to your lists of specifications.

We’ll be providing innovative equipment to your birthday bash. Forget about photo booth images which tone down and discolor as early as you go out the door. Ours are certainly never grainy, constantly high-quality, and completely sharp.

Photo Booth Fun in a Wedding!

It seems that every time that a new trend hits a certain event, someone always declares that it’s over. Photo Booth is one of those trends; it has gone from a fun novelty to a common happening at a wedding. Now many couples are worrying that photo booth won’t add any additional excitement to their occasion. But before you start putting away your funny props such as a fake mustache and crazy hats, here are some reasons why it’s still worth it to have a photo booth at your wedding.

  • It is an excellent source of entertainment

Having a few activities such as dancing at your wedding reception is a good way to keep your guests entertained, but sometimes people just want to have a break from dancing and photo booth provides a nice escape. It’s also a good place to mingle and meet new people.

  • It creates a wedding keepsake for your and for your guest

A lot of guests are appreciates having a photo of themselves, their love ones and their dates in a certain event. But even if you’re guest don’t really care about it; you will love having fun pictures of your wedding guests.

  • Your guests do not spend too much time looking at online inspiration

While some of your of (also engaged) maid honor find photo booths as a wedding cliché, this is probably because they are also stressed in planning their own wedding. But for some of your guest and relatives that do not attend many weddings, they would still likely find the photo booths fun.

Before we start declaring that the Photo Booth trend is over, keep in mind that every wedding and photo booth is different. Thanks to the factors such as the time, venue and theme, this means the photo booth will be different too. Photo booths allow your guests to take silly pictures of themselves and their dates. And besides it is 2014, it is another year for more selfies, no one is over taking pictures of themselves.

For more information about our photo booth, visit our website at Or you can call us at (512)- 763-5244 for more details.

Types of Cameras Used by Photo Booth Companies

Digital Camera
A Digital Camera is the most common type of camera used in photo booths, mainly because of the ease of use. In addition, digital cameras allow online access and photo customization. Today’s photo booth clientele typically ask that their pictures be shared easily with the party guests; digital cameras fulfil this type of requests, whereas other types of cameras only provide pictures taken during the event. The other advantage of digital cameras is that you can stream photos live through a Wi-fi connection; streaming photos can go to shared boxes, social media, and local hard drives. The other thing to point out about digital cameras is that they utilize a software to print photos, as well as store the pictures instantaneously.

Vintage Polaroid
Vintage Polaroid Cameras are very traditional in terms of photo booths, dating back to the first booths that were presented at state fairs and circuses. While the camera requires technical experience, the photo quality is very nice in terms of manual operated cameras. Very much like Digital Cameras, Vintage Polaroid Cameras product a tangible and digital copy of the photos taken.

Fuji Instax
The Fuji Instax camera is a great option for photo booths. Very much like traditional polaroids, the Fuji Instax prints pictures on demand. One advantage to this camera is that it takes very little skill to get a decent exposure. Although the copy printed is the only copy shared, some people scan or take pictures of the Instax photo.

Holga is a toy film camera that uses a medium format film. With this camera you create unique and fun square photos. Holga gets their best results under a bright light. Since it is a film camera you have to get the film developed and scanned for it to be shared online

Creative and Inexpensive Backdrop Ideas

Many clients and customers always ask if they can customize their own backdrop. The answer is yes! The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your own photo booth backdrop. Here are several inexpensive ideas for creating your own backdrop!

Ribbon Backdrop
Ribbon backdrops are fun and can really add color to the photo booth setting. Ribbon backdrops are inexpensive and can be put together without hassle. Acquiring the needed materials is a stress free process as ribbon materials can be found at any department store. If you’re thinking about setting up a ribbon backdrop, keep in mind that you will need a white background sheet and the pre-cut ribbon materials. After you have gathered all of the necessary materials, it is important to drape the ribbons over the backdrop frame, covering all areas of the white sheet. Once the white areas have been covered, you are ready to go!

Here are the colors and their typical uses:

  • White and Ivory are perfect for Vintage-themed weddings
  • Red, Green and Yellow works great for Birthday Parties
  • Plain white , silver, gold, and black ribbons can be used in Balls, Elegant Parties, Proms, etc.

Fabric Backdrop
Designing your own Fabric backdrop is just as simple as designing a ribbon backdrop. Very much like Ribbon backdrops, the materials can be easily acquired and really add a nice touch to the photo booth display.

Paper and Glue Backdrop
When considering a paper and glue back drop, think texture! Paper and glue backdrops can take a little more time and skill to create, compared to ribbon and fabric backdrops. Paper and glue backdrops are very popular among prom settings, allowing the students to have a creative hand in the photo booth experience!

Streamer and Balloon Backdrop
Streamer and Balloon Backdrops are probably the most fun types of backdrops available. The great thing about streamer and balloon backdrops is that you have an opportunity to provide custom branding, writing personalized notes, names, or dates on the balloons.

Why rent a Photo Booth for your event?

Photo booths can be the perfect dose of entertainment for your any event; weddings, corporate, birthdays and more! It is a great way to capture memories at any social gathering. There are many benefits in renting a photo booth for your event such as its affordable cost and it provides entertainment features that will give a full sense of amusement and fun.

Get to know why you will need a Photo Booth for your event:

Custom background and Prop Assortment

Our photo booth rental service comes with a prop assortment that can be used during pictures and it is designed to keep your guests laughing and happy. In addition, once the pictures are taken the strips are printed instantly and have a custom designed background. This means you can add the name of your event, the date and time to the image to make the event truly memorable. We pride ourselves on providing truly unique designs that fit your event’s theme.

Installation and Set Up

When you hire a photo booth rental service, the fee will usually include the setting up and taking the booth down, thus making it more convenient for you and hassle-free for you. In order to get the best results it is advised that you think in advance on where you want to place it. Ideally you want to place your Photo Booth in a location that will capture the crowd’s attention.

Booth Attendant

This is a “must have” when renting a Photo Booth. Having a professional Photo Booth attendant at your event will make your celebration extra special. Booth attendants are known to give friendly service; they can also assist with any problem that may occur during the event. All in all a professional attendant will make sure that everyone has a great time!

Physical and Digital Copy of the Photos

Photo booths can help to create memorable moments that people can share with friends and family. And having a physical, as well as, digital copy of those photos is definitely a plus. This allows you to effectively share your photos online and gives you and easy way to show your fantastic event.

These are just some of the few advantages of renting a Photo Booth at your next event. For more inquiries you can visit our website at or call us at (479) 274-0927. Contact us now for availability and booking options!