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Photo Booth Rental Cost in Fayetteville

“You Get What You Pay For!”   We’ve all learnt the famous remark, “You Get What You Pay For” yet often you do not usually recognize if something is really too low-priced or totally too costly. So precisely where can you want to find out what the normal cost might be?   A typical price […]


Photo Booth Fun in a Wedding!

It seems that every time that a new trend hits a certain event, someone always declares that it’s over. Photo Booth is one of those trends; it has gone from a fun novelty to a common happening at a wedding. Now many couples are worrying that photo booth won’t add any additional excitement to their […]


Types of Cameras Used by Photo Booth Companies

Digital Camera A Digital Camera is the most common type of camera used in photo booths, mainly because of the ease of use. In addition, digital cameras allow online access and photo customization. Today’s photo booth clientele typically ask that their pictures be shared easily with the party guests; digital cameras fulfil this type of […]


Creative and Inexpensive Backdrop Ideas

Many clients and customers always ask if they can customize their own backdrop. The answer is yes! The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your own photo booth backdrop. Here are several inexpensive ideas for creating your own backdrop! Ribbon Backdrop Ribbon backdrops are fun and can really add color to the photo […]


Why rent a Photo Booth for your event?

Photo booths can be the perfect dose of entertainment for your any event; weddings, corporate, birthdays and more! It is a great way to capture memories at any social gathering. There are many benefits in renting a photo booth for your event such as its affordable cost and it provides entertainment features that will give […]