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Creative and Inexpensive Backdrop Ideas

Many clients and customers always ask if they can customize their own backdrop. The answer is yes! The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your own photo booth backdrop. Here are several inexpensive ideas for creating your own backdrop!

Ribbon Backdrop
Ribbon backdrops are fun and can really add color to the photo booth setting. Ribbon backdrops are inexpensive and can be put together without hassle. Acquiring the needed materials is a stress free process as ribbon materials can be found at any department store. If you’re thinking about setting up a ribbon backdrop, keep in mind that you will need a white background sheet and the pre-cut ribbon materials. After you have gathered all of the necessary materials, it is important to drape the ribbons over the backdrop frame, covering all areas of the white sheet. Once the white areas have been covered, you are ready to go!

Here are the colors and their typical uses:

  • White and Ivory are perfect for Vintage-themed weddings
  • Red, Green and Yellow works great for Birthday Parties
  • Plain white , silver, gold, and black ribbons can be used in Balls, Elegant Parties, Proms, etc.

Fabric Backdrop
Designing your own Fabric backdrop is just as simple as designing a ribbon backdrop. Very much like Ribbon backdrops, the materials can be easily acquired and really add a nice touch to the photo booth display.

Paper and Glue Backdrop
When considering a paper and glue back drop, think texture! Paper and glue backdrops can take a little more time and skill to create, compared to ribbon and fabric backdrops. Paper and glue backdrops are very popular among prom settings, allowing the students to have a creative hand in the photo booth experience!

Streamer and Balloon Backdrop
Streamer and Balloon Backdrops are probably the most fun types of backdrops available. The great thing about streamer and balloon backdrops is that you have an opportunity to provide custom branding, writing personalized notes, names, or dates on the balloons.