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Photo Booth Fun in a Wedding!

It seems that every time that a new trend hits a certain event, someone always declares that it’s over. Photo Booth is one of those trends; it has gone from a fun novelty to a common happening at a wedding. Now many couples are worrying that photo booth won’t add any additional excitement to their occasion. But before you start putting away your funny props such as a fake mustache and crazy hats, here are some reasons why it’s still worth it to have a photo booth at your wedding.

  • It is an excellent source of entertainment

Having a few activities such as dancing at your wedding reception is a good way to keep your guests entertained, but sometimes people just want to have a break from dancing and photo booth provides a nice escape. It’s also a good place to mingle and meet new people.

  • It creates a wedding keepsake for your and for your guest

A lot of guests are appreciates having a photo of themselves, their love ones and their dates in a certain event. But even if you’re guest don’t really care about it; you will love having fun pictures of your wedding guests.

  • Your guests do not spend too much time looking at online inspiration

While some of your of (also engaged) maid honor find photo booths as a wedding cliché, this is probably because they are also stressed in planning their own wedding. But for some of your guest and relatives that do not attend many weddings, they would still likely find the photo booths fun.

Before we start declaring that the Photo Booth trend is over, keep in mind that every wedding and photo booth is different. Thanks to the factors such as the time, venue and theme, this means the photo booth will be different too. Photo booths allow your guests to take silly pictures of themselves and their dates. And besides it is 2014, it is another year for more selfies, no one is over taking pictures of themselves.

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