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Types of Cameras Used by Photo Booth Companies

Digital Camera
A Digital Camera is the most common type of camera used in photo booths, mainly because of the ease of use. In addition, digital cameras allow online access and photo customization. Today’s photo booth clientele typically ask that their pictures be shared easily with the party guests; digital cameras fulfil this type of requests, whereas other types of cameras only provide pictures taken during the event. The other advantage of digital cameras is that you can stream photos live through a Wi-fi connection; streaming photos can go to shared boxes, social media, and local hard drives. The other thing to point out about digital cameras is that they utilize a software to print photos, as well as store the pictures instantaneously.

Vintage Polaroid
Vintage Polaroid Cameras are very traditional in terms of photo booths, dating back to the first booths that were presented at state fairs and circuses. While the camera requires technical experience, the photo quality is very nice in terms of manual operated cameras. Very much like Digital Cameras, Vintage Polaroid Cameras product a tangible and digital copy of the photos taken.

Fuji Instax
The Fuji Instax camera is a great option for photo booths. Very much like traditional polaroids, the Fuji Instax prints pictures on demand. One advantage to this camera is that it takes very little skill to get a decent exposure. Although the copy printed is the only copy shared, some people scan or take pictures of the Instax photo.

Holga is a toy film camera that uses a medium format film. With this camera you create unique and fun square photos. Holga gets their best results under a bright light. Since it is a film camera you have to get the film developed and scanned for it to be shared online