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Why rent a Photo Booth for your event?

Photo booths can be the perfect dose of entertainment for your any event; weddings, corporate, birthdays and more! It is a great way to capture memories at any social gathering. There are many benefits in renting a photo booth for your event such as its affordable cost and it provides entertainment features that will give a full sense of amusement and fun.

Get to know why you will need a Photo Booth for your event:

Custom background and Prop Assortment

Our photo booth rental service comes with a prop assortment that can be used during pictures and it is designed to keep your guests laughing and happy. In addition, once the pictures are taken the strips are printed instantly and have a custom designed background. This means you can add the name of your event, the date and time to the image to make the event truly memorable. We pride ourselves on providing truly unique designs that fit your event’s theme.

Installation and Set Up

When you hire a photo booth rental service, the fee will usually include the setting up and taking the booth down, thus making it more convenient for you and hassle-free for you. In order to get the best results it is advised that you think in advance on where you want to place it. Ideally you want to place your Photo Booth in a location that will capture the crowd’s attention.

Booth Attendant

This is a “must have” when renting a Photo Booth. Having a professional Photo Booth attendant at your event will make your celebration extra special. Booth attendants are known to give friendly service; they can also assist with any problem that may occur during the event. All in all a professional attendant will make sure that everyone has a great time!

Physical and Digital Copy of the Photos

Photo booths can help to create memorable moments that people can share with friends and family. And having a physical, as well as, digital copy of those photos is definitely a plus. This allows you to effectively share your photos online and gives you and easy way to show your fantastic event.

These are just some of the few advantages of renting a Photo Booth at your next event. For more inquiries you can visit our website at www.photoboothrentalar.com or call us at (479) 274-0927. Contact us now for availability and booking options!